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Italy and Austria-Hungary

Barchi - Sottoscrivete

PST 13163

Arnold Fruzt [?] - Schlachten-Panorama Berg Isel

Arnold Fruzt [?]
Schlachten-Panorama Berg Isel
[Battle Panorama - Isel Mountain]
PST 6730

The mountainous landscape of the Alps was an area of dispute between Italy and Austria-Hungary, and saw much fighting during the war.

In Barchi's poster, the Austro-Hungarian eagle is shown guarding its territory. This defensive attitude reflects the Austro-Hungarian belief that the war was about the protection of its Empire from aggressive neighbours like Italy and Serbia.

The Italian poster by Arnold Fruzt has a more aggressive approach, depicting Italian soldiers climbing up into the Alps to claim them for Italy. Indeed, Italy had initially stayed neutral, only joining the war on the Allied side after receiving promises of territorial gains.

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