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Re-growth and Remembrance

Maurice Kirth - Remembrance Day

Maurice Kirth
Remembrance Day
PST 10994

Théophile Alexandre Steinlen - Journée des Régions Libérées

Théophile Alexandre Steinlen
Journée des Régions Libérées
[Liberated Regions Day]
PST 4392

These two posters were produced after the war, reminding the public of the sacrifices made by the soldiers of Great Britain and France while, at the same time, also suggesting new hope and resurrection. Both feature grave crosses as a reminder of the dead, and flowers as a metaphor for re-growth and regeneration.

Maurice Kirth's poster of poppies growing on a Flanders’ battlefield advertised the new Remembrance Day ceremonies, where wreaths were laid and silences held to memorialise the dead. The Flanders' poppy became a symbol of remembrance in Britain, with paper poppies being sold by ex-servicemen to raise money.

Steinlen's depiction of young plants growing up around a wooden grave cross on a battlefield expresses a similar idea, with the rising sun symbolising a new day, and illuminating the war torn landscape below.

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