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There are many different ways in which research creates a presence in the public realm. Curatorial practice offers a different approach to the more familiar forms of academic publication. It provides an intersection between research and public display which opens up new avenues of consideration. The exhibition offers a location for not just the visual and theoretical exploration of a subject, but also an experiential one. It could be the method used for the dissemination of a particular theme or for the work of an individual artist/designer, it might also be the format of the exhibition itself and the subsequent museological framing which becomes a potential source of research.


Accumulation: experiencing the city; MOSI, Manchester, 2010

Angels of Anarchy: Women Artists and Surrealism; Manchester Art Gallery; 2010

concrete thoughts: modern architecture and contemporary art, Whitworth Art Gallery, 2006

Eduardo Paolozzi: The Jet Age Compendium; Raven Row gallery, London, 2009

Lost, Found: The Magazine Photowork; The Photographers' Gallery, London 2007

Weapons of Mass Communication: War Posters; Imperial War Museum, 2008


Professor Jim Aulich
Head of Postgraduate Arts and Humanities Centre

David Brittain
Senior Lecturer, School of Art

Dr Steven Gartside
Research Fellow, School of Art


Steven Gartside