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Images, Narratives and Cultures Research Group

The INC Research Group combines a variety of projects and methodologies in order to focus on the theorisation of different aspects of representation in popular and other cultures. The group comprises researchers and scholars with a range of specialist interests, and offers a forum for the exploration and analysis of new modes of cultural enquiry. It offers a space for considerations of the ways in which images and narratives work to produce culture in various contexts.

Areas of research interest include:

  • Surrealism, art and film theory (Patricia Allmer)
  • Visual pleasure, violent women and psychoanalysis (Emily Brick)
  • Animation and comics (David Huxley)
  • Class, sitcom and war (David James)
  • Representations of British surfing through the lens of globalization and nationalism (Joan Ormrod)
  • Visual narrative, halted & disrupted narrative, the uncanny (Rosie Miller)

The INC Research Group is organising a series of conferences and events, the first of which addressed European Horror Cinema. These future projects will also provide ongoing forums for publications. The INC Research Group encourages interdisciplinary collaboration and co-operation in its pursuit of scholarly excellence, and welcomes researchers and applications from postgraduates keen to contribute to and develop its projects.

For further information, please contact Dr Patricia Allmer


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Videos of the keynote lectures also available.


InterCulture Special Issue: 'Reproducing Art: Walter Benjamin's "Work of Art" Essay Reconsidered', Edited by Patricia Allmer and John Sears

Image [&] Narrative Special Issue: 'The Forgotten Surrealists: Belgian Surrealism Since 1926', Edited by Patricia Allmer and Hilde Van Gelder