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Graphic Novels and Comics

An International Conference

12th - 14th April 2010

Manchester Metropolitan University

Comics and graphic novels enjoy a paradoxical relationship with mainstream culture. Their narratives and characters are familiar to mass audiences through their adaptations in film, television and other mass media. However comics' texts are rarely known or read outside comic book cultures. In recent years comics have instigated themselves into the public consciousness due, to a number of diverse circumstances such as the narrative possibilities they offer in an increasingly complex transmedia landscape.

This conference aims to explore the intersections between comic books, graphic novels, their audiences and the ways they reflectthe cultures and subcultures that produce them. The conference themes reflect the scope and aims of Routledge's new journal, The Journal of Graphic Novels and Comics, edited by David Huxley and Joan Ormrod, (first issue July 2010)

Guest Speakers

  • Martin Barker
  • Mel Gibson
  • Paul Gravett
  • Roger Sabin


Dr David Huxley

Dr Joan Ormrod

Graphic Novels and Comics Conference 2010 Poster