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AAH Conference 2009

2nd - 4th April 2009


The 35th AAH conference was held at the Manchester Metropolitan University. It focussed on the intersections (connections, linkages, overlaps) of art history with different disciplinary, methodological, political and historical spaces. Three areas of intersection might be identified: between areas of convention and innovation within the discipline; between art history and its adjacent fields of inquiry, display and production; and between the subjects and objects of interpretative and historical practice. In this light, intersections can be understood as the convergence, however temporary or in-process, of art history's divergent values and practices.

Within the discipline, areas of intersection may encompass: the descriptive, interrogative, ethical, pedagogical and critical elements of art historical practice. Between art history and its adjacent fields lie the margins, overlaps and divisions that notions of intersectionality are able to highlight. Interactions with visual processes and practitioners invoke social worlds, individuals, performative and public spaces. The AAH09 conference provided a platform for the interrogation and exploration of these and other intersections that define and challenge art history.


  1. Aesthetics and Art History: Converging Perspectives
    Kathryn Brown, Alan Thomas
  2. Art History and Art Criticism: Intersections, Disconnections, Non-Communications
    Matthew Bowman, Stephen Moonie
  3. Art History and its Global Provinces
    Leon Wainwright, Adele Tan
  4. Art, Nature and Technology
    Maria Fabricius Hansen, Jacob Wamberg
  5. Beyond the Visual
    Lara Perry, Louise Purbrick
  6. Crossings: Art, Medicine, Visual Culture
    Suzannah Biernoff, Claudia Stein
  7. Drawing in the Expanded Field
    Anna Lovatt, Ed Krcma
  8. 'Imaging and Imagining the Modern': Cosmopolitan Identities and Cultures of Consumption in Inter-war Europe and North America
    Pat Kirkham, Andrew Stephenson
  9. Inconsistency
    Steven Gartside, Sam Gathercole
  10. Intersectional Queer Visualities
    Michael du Plessis, Robert Summers
  11. Intimacy and Disparity: The Constructive Interference of Image in Relation with Text
    Allen Fisher
  12. Irishness and Intertextuality: Re-Reading the Visual in Irish Culture
    Fionna Barber, Aidan Arrowsmith
  13. Modernism and Antropofagia: Visual Culture and Authenticity in Latin America
    Fabiola Martinez
  14. Networked Cultures: Politics of Connectivity
    Peter Mörtenböck, Helge Mooshammer
  15. Poster Session
    Veronica Davies, Dennis Wardleworth
  16. Public Disorder: Post-World War II European Art and Its Publics
    Noit Banai, Hannah Feldman
  17. Renaissance Intersections 1400–1600
    Piers Baker-Bates, Jill Burke, Carol Richardson
  18. Segues: Corporeal Theory, Site-Writing, e-Materiality
    Penny Florence, Marsha Meskimmon, Jane Rendell
  19. Skin
    Tamara Trodd, Cordelia Warr
  20. Student Session: And You Call Yourself an Art Historian? Navigating the Terrain of 'Cross/Trans/Inter-research'
    Lara Eggleton, Clare O'Dowd
  21. Surrealism & Non-Normative Sexualities
    Dawn Ades, Jonathan Katz, David Lomas
  22. 'The Elephant in the Room': The Art Market in Art History 1815–1945
    Abigail Harrison Moore, Mark Westgarth
  23. The Grand Tour at a Crossroads?
    Sarah Betzer, Douglas Fordham
  24. Tools of Trades: Articulating Sculptural Practice
    Jyrki Siukonen, Jon Wood
  25. What's the 'Social' in the Social History of Art?
    Gail Day, Steve Edwards, Andrew Hemingway

Conference Convenor

Dr Patricia Allmer

Manchester Metropolitan University
Righton Building
Cavendish Street
Manchester M15 6BG

About AAH

The Association of Art Historians (AAH) was formed in 1974 to support and promote the study of art history. It is the national organisation for professional art and design historians, researchers or students who are involved in education, galleries, museums and art-related publishing, or any other activity linked with art and design history.

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