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European Nightmares Online – A Virtual International Conference on European Horror Cinema

The Images, Narratives and Cultures research group is pleased to announce the online video publication of the European Nightmares conference. The filming of this conference and its availability online constitutes a major academic, research and teaching resource accessible to anyone interested in the academic study of horror films.

There have always been close associations between Europe and horror. Horror cinema can be traced back to its European origins in Georges Méliès’s Le Manoir du Diable (1896), and is epitomised in the figure of Dracula, a monster notoriously anchored in a European context. European countries have often been the setting of horror films, and they continue to be places of origin for a number of highly creative horror film directors. Alongside new developments in European horror films, there are also significant developments in their theorisation.

This virtual conference, conceived by the Group for the Study of Images, Narratives and Cultures (MIRIAD, Manchester Metropolitan University) in collaboration with Cornerhouse and filmed by TMF, offers a platform to explore differences and similarities between European horror traditions. The Images, Narratives and Cultures research group are at present preparing an edited collection based upon the conference.

conference poster

European Nightmares - An International Conference on European Horror Cinema

1st – 2nd June 2006

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