StoryRooms at the Museum of Science and Industry, Manchester

StoryRooms - The Event
DVD Launch

Wednesday, May 10, 2006,
8.00 pm @ Mintlounge, Manchester,
Oldham Street 46-50

A very special performance evening and party to launch the exhibition DVD on Interactive Networks, Media Art and Installations.

An invitation to re-explore on location fascinating international media artworks that have been previously exhibited at the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester.

Directed by video artists Dave Griffiths and Nick Jordan and produced by Andrea Zapp, the DVD features documentations and artist interviews about the show, two newly commissioned short films by its directors, a downloadable installation soundtrack by Vini Reilly, and an illustrated booklet. (Internationally available after the launch via Cornerhouse Publications, price £15.99)

Plus live performance and music highlights during the evening:

Written and directed by Mary Oliver, this new three dimensional digital comedy stars Lisa Moore as the nine inch high Doreen and Tony Bessick as Gary the Giant. Centred upon a replica of a 'real' Salford House by artist Steve Gumbly, it's a story of our obsession with house makeovers, property profits and white walls, but mostly it's about a man who doesn't fit and a woman who's too small to be heard. Almost live, almost virtual, almost funnyŠ but not quite.
(Start at 8.30 pm; supported by the Arts Council England/Yorkshire)


Illuminati and Disco Operating System
Collaborating on a unique improvised electronic piece of music together with visuals from Hollowsphere/VJ Fusion.

The event is funded by the Arts Council England/North West.

Entry free



Susan Collins
Paul Demarinis
Ken Goldberg
Paul Sermon
Cornelia Sollfrank
Tan Teck Weng
Andrea Zapp