StoryRooms at the Museum of Science and Industry, Manchester

Tan Teck Weng



The installation consists of a small box with a miniature room and real furniture inside, this scenery is projected outside onto a screen on the wall. When the box is picked up from the plinth, the furniture on the screen in front begins to move, while the rest of the image remains static. Depending on the actions of the user moving and shaking the box, the table and chairs can slowly creep across the room, or dance about, violently smashing into walls.

In Panopticon, the viewers can take pleasure in their control of this Lilliputian space, but only with the knowledge that a surveillance camera is probably over their shoulder. It has been proposed that the possibility of being watched is the regulating force of modern society.




Background information

Tan Teck Weng is an artist based in Perth, Australia, and completed a degree from Curtin University of Technology in 2002. His work has been exhibited throughout Australia and in Singapore and Seoul. His activities cross installation, video and animation and explore the uses of power and technology in society.

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