StoryRooms at the Museum of Science and Industry, Manchester

Nick Jordan



DVD 2006, 2.25 mins

Made in response to StoryRooms, Prequel is an episode that portrays the narrative of a previously completed short film, Fury, but which occurs at an earlier time. The soundtrack is from a talk by Harry Smith, recorded at the Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics. The word prequel is a ‘portmanteau’ - a term in linguistics that refers to a fusing of two or more grammatical functions.




Background information

Nick Jordan is an artist based in Manchester, UK. His practice is multi-faceted, incorporating video, painting, drawing, events and publishing. Ranging from americana to the zoetrope, Jordan’s work incorporates an eclectic range of both personal and cultural motifs, sourced from the worlds of cinema, art history, literature, comics, and graphic art.
With an interest in drawing things together to “make something happen”, Jordan’s video work captures singular moments from everyday observations. These are often combined, through editing, with other references to form a particular cinematic scenario or fictional episode.

Susan Collins
Paul Demarinis
Ken Goldberg
Paul Sermon
Cornelia Sollfrank
Tan Teck Weng
Andrea Zapp