StoryRooms at the Museum of Science and Industry, Manchester

A group of internationally renowned media artists brought surreal, poetic and thought-provoking installation environments to Manchester that invited to explore the ways we now communicate with each other and with technology.

"An interactive show that has subtlety, smart humour, solid content and sheer effort"
City Life

“StoryRooms takes its viewer on what feels like a futuristic adventure…by drawing on supernatural ideas it also reminds the viewer that technology surrounds us all, often without our awareness of it”
24 hour Museum

“a show of multimedia art, in which artists attempt to breathe life into computers and networks - or search for the ghosts inside the machine...”
Daily Telegraph

“as relevant to contemporary life as it is sensitive to its surroundings”
Museum Art

“unique user-friendly experience…not only a fun exhibition to visit but also a serious one.
The Informer

“Surrealism and interactivity merge in eerie and fascinating ways”
Rhizome Net Art News

DVD launch with music and performances coming soon! Read more


Susan Collins
Paul Demarinis
Ken Goldberg
Paul Sermon
Cornelia Sollfrank
Tan Teck Weng
Andrea Zapp