StoryRooms at the Museum of Science and Industry, Manchester


Created for the exhibition StoryRooms that took place in the historical setting of the 1830 Warehouse at The Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester, England, from October 11, 2005 to January 15, 2006.

The DVD contains a 35 min film that captures the unique atmosphere of the event and its audience involvement while reflecting the installations through interviews with the artists.

Directed by video artists Dave Griffiths and Nick Jordan.

Including Special Features:
- Interactive access to artists’ chapters
- A 30 min downloadable
installation soundtrack by Vini Reilly
- Two new short films by the directors,
created in response to the exhibition
theme of networked storytelling
- Illustrated booklet

Distributed by Cornerhouse Publications
70 Oxford Street, Manchester
M1 5NH
tel: +44 (0)161 200 1503
fax: +44 (0)161 200 1504

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Susan Collins
Paul Demarinis
Ken Goldberg
Paul Sermon
Cornelia Sollfrank
Tan Teck Weng
Andrea Zapp