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Alexei Shulgin Super-i Real Virtuality System



Super-i® is made for those who want to see the world differently - virtually painting it in fresh new colors. With Super-i® you'll be fascinated by what you see: the world as you know it will look absolutely different.

Our goggles are equipped with the brand-new system of Real Virtuality™, which changes the "real" world around us into a virtual one, and does it without a computer and in real time! With Super-i® you will finally reach an unimaginable level of freedom - freedom to physically move around in the space in any direction, indoors or outdoors!

How does it work? The heart of Super-i® is a microchip developed by our company on the basis of the newest technologies. It allows real-time processing of a video signal, applying different effects on it.

Other system components are: a video camera with a "human" angle of view, and a pair of excellent image quality micro-displays. The whole system is assembled inside a pair of lightweight goggles that comfortably fits any head. The helmet is absolutely autonomous and is powered by standard AA batteries, which can run it for few hours.

Effective algorithms, similar to those used in the professional systems of image processing (such as Adobe Photoshop™) are embedded into Super-i®. The quality of the camera and the micro-displays is so great that not only will you be able to explore the wonderfully altered reality, but also allows you to get around easily. Connected to any video source Super-i® creates an illusion of a giant screen appearing in front of a viewer. Use it with your DVD-player, VHS-player, camcorder, game console or computer for a crystal-clear, vibrating image.

- Number of effects: 10
- Effects: Invert color, Matrix (Green ASCII), Psychedelic colors, Outline, Inverted Outline, Sepia, 4-bit pixel, 2-color, Inverted 2-color, Cutout (more in development)


Background information

Alexei Shulgin is a Moscow-based artist, musician, curator, activist and professor. Shulgin has participated in numerous exhibitions and symposiums on photography, contemporary art and new media. He is the author and curator of several Internet projects and is considered a pioneer of He also collaborated on the development of, launched in January 2003 as an open database for software art. He is a frontman for 386 DX cyberpunk rock band and a co-curator of Read_me, an international software art festival.

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