Day 1

Day 2

Introductory session

Amanda Ravetz explains some of her motivations for running the workshop and participants respond. read.

Group 1 transcript 1

Group One go for a walk to ‘look for an idea’. read.

Group 2 transcript 1

Group Two go to a local pub to discuss ideas and reactions to the brief. read.

Group 3 transcript 1

Group Three meet to discuss how to proceed together. read.

Day 3

Group 1 transcript 3

Group One show a video filmed during their walk and present diagrams of their analysis. read.

Group 2 transcript 2

Group Two refine the format of the ‘threeing workshop’. read.

Group 2 transcript 3

CAA participants are invited into the chapel space at the Birchcliffe Centre to take part in a ‘threeing workshop’. read.

Group 3 transcript 2

Group Three undertake their plan to rearrange the shared meeting room, by moving furniture and equipment through 180 degrees. read.

Group 3 transcript 3

Group Three introduce their reasons for rearranging the shared meeting room. read.

Concluding session

Participants give some of their reactions to the workshop and ideas for the future. read.