Rosalind Nashashibi is an Artist

Rosalind is in Group 2

Rosalind Nashashibi (1973, Croydon, England) uses her 16mm camera as a catalyst, an accelerator of the real. She aims to understand situations in which groups access a codified other 'real' dimension. This can be achieved in front of her camera during collective rituals that solidify the social routine of small closed groups, for instance the Mexican community of a Midwestern town (Midwest, 2002), a Palestinian family during Ramadan (Hreash House, 2004) or the students in a Glasgow library (University Library, 2004). In Midwest she has portrayed scenes from an American community in its fragmented social groups. Slow and blissful shots explore the wide-open space of the urban neighbourhood as the symbolic framework that both defines its human inhabitants and is defined by them. In more recent work, the transition between everyday reality and the realm of the possible is scrutinized through the exploration of objects that can act as a go-between. Park Ambassador (2004) depicts a totemic object in a Glasgow park and in her last project (Eyeballing, 2005), she filmed a series of faces found in architectural façades or in objects in her apartment juxtaposed with shots of policeman in uniform loitering around their precinct. Obstinately, she gives the urban landscape an identity, a 'face', not only one which can gaze out but one which can also look back.

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