Group One Group Two Group Three

Liesbeth Bik, Amanda Ravetz, Paul Rooney, Erika Tan and Chris Wright

Group 3 worked in a room at the end of the main meeting space. The need to identify some kind of ‘place’ as a point for working together was discussed, whether a real place, the web as a final destination, or ‘an imaginative description as place'.

Discussion then moved on to The Brief for group working itself – the language used in it, its request for dialogue through social relations and the creation of a ‘viable item'. Chris Wright remarked that the artists seemed more comfortable being responsible to themselves whereas the anthropologists wanted to work as a group.

Difficulties around the brief reminded Liesbeth Bik of the film Five Obstructions by Lars von Trier, In it, von Trier challenges his mentor Jørgen Leth to remake his 1967 highly respected film The Perfect Human, in five surprising and improbable ways.

Liesbeth Bik identified the uncertain mood as ‘a wobbly moment’ and it was suggested the group focus on this. Talk came back to an earlier suggestion, to somehow reconfigure the workshop space itself. After discussion about the practicalities, scope and relevance of such an action, it was decided to swivel all furniture and contents of the main meeting space through a movement of 180° and in addition to make small alterations to participants’ notebooks.

Group members met at 6.00am to make the changes to the room before anyone else was awake. The reactions of other CAA participants coming into the space were recorded on a digital voice recorder placed on the table and also by Liesbeth Bik who sat in the space and wrote down some of the comments she overheard. The photographer Adrian Hunter was asked to take ‘before’ and ‘after’ photographs.


Day Two


Discussion of ideas


… Discussion


Altering notebooks.


Informal sharing of participants’ video work with some members of group 1


Day Three


Re-organising seminar space


Discussion about what it had been like to collaborate together




Presentation of Group 3’s response to brief, and discussion of how this was got to