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Anna Grimshaw, Ade Hunter, Rosalind Nashashibi, Daniel Peltz, Soumhya Venkatesan and Lesley Young

Group 2 began by agreeing to reconvene after an hour of rest. Then, on choosing to leave the Birchcliffe Centre, they headed out to a pub in Hebden Bridge. Discussion in the pub circled around the various ideas that participants wished to propose – which included re-staging a historical or anthropological event, learning to do something together, for example peel an orange or copying each others' sleeping positions, or work on the idea of 'threeing' – a technique developed by Paul Ryan. This last suggestion moved the discussion towards the idea of 'confession' and the use of a third-party. After ninety minutes of discussion it was decided to individually develop ideas after supper and then meet in the chapel at the Birchcliffe Centre.

The group spent around two and half cold-hours in the chapel role-playing and experimenting, predominantly with the idea of 'threeing' – workshopping the various positions of protagonist, interlocutor and audience in the dynamic of a trio. After this session, some of the group continued to work in a more informal manner in the chapel.

On the morning of the third day, the group met again to decide whether the presentation would involve all the CAA participants and if so, how to exactly choreograph and communicate the practicalities of this.

Eventually the ‘threeing workshop' took the form of Anna Grimshaw and Daniel Peltz sitting back-to-back on the floor, surrounded by all the other CAA participants who were invited to ‘Address their questions to Daniel/Anna’. Participants then wrote questions on strips of paper and passed them to either Anna or Daniel who used them, without identifying the writer, to steer their conversation. In the second part of the session participants read out the questions as a list. Finally there was a discussion of the ‘threeing workshop’ and how its format was arrived at.


Day Two




Walk to pub in Hebden Bridge for discussion and ideas


Meeting in chapel; development of ideas


… discussion continues in Chapel


Day Three


Development of Threeing workshop


Preparing for Threeing workshop


Threeing workshop for entire group and following discussion