The Brief

The 14 participants were divided into three groups and asked to respond to the following brief:


  1. To create a dialogue – or a means of having a dialogue – addressing the subject ‘growing/revealing/challenging (etc.etc.) social relationships in practice’.
  2. To make use of some of the group’s working methods/strategies as a means of doing this e.g: favoured media; techniques/skills; chosen modes of analysis, theoretical underpinnings.
  3. To develop a workable structure in order to achieve the above (E.g electing one person to lead or direct the group; agreeing for group members to work separately with a mechanism for subsequent dialogue around outcomes; any other structure you want to use).


  1. A viable ‘item’, ‘object’ or documented process should be created through the task and it or a residue of it must be available at the end of the third day for group discussion. This needs to take a form that allows for it to be reproduced on the website and /or in any subsequent publication (e.g. photographic images, sound recording, textual, documentation of performative activity etc.)
  2. Each participant must produce a one page (or equivalent) report on the task. This can take any form eg text, image, notation, audio etc and any genre eg analytical/descriptive/performative.
  3. Groups need to document the development of group work – i.e. textual notes, audio or video or other suitable means.