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Segues: Corporeal Theory, Site-Writing, e-Materiality

Penny Florence
Slade, UCL

Marsha Meskimmon
Loughborough University

Jane Rendell
Bartlett, UCL

This session seeks to explore a specific intersection within the interdisciplinary territory that constitutes art historical enquiry, namely, the encounter between art history and 'practice-led' research. Arguably, the segue between these adjacent fields opens up a range of significant questions, from the politics of form to the limits of interdisciplinarity itself.

It is also a timely encounter; as art historians increasingly turn to contemporary practice, engaging with multi-medial works and multi-modal forms of knowledge, practitioners (defined in the broadest sense) are materialising theory in and though the processes of making. This mutual constitution of the territory of arts research by historians/theorists and practitioners is changing the mechanisms by which domains of knowledge are constructed, interrogated and validated.

The session invites papers/presentations that engage productively with these questions and that seek themselves to develop this particular interdisciplinary intersection through specific practices – whether these are modes of writing, forms of critical enquiry, sites of intervention, practices of intermediation or other, as yet unimagined, configurations of critical aesthetics.