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Renaissance Intersections 14001600

Piers Baker-Bates

Jill Burke
University of Edinburgh

Carol Richardson
Open University

Renaissance art history is traditionally identified with Italian centres of production, and Florence in particular. Instead, this session will explore the fluid intersections (connections, linkages, overlaps) between people and places and the works of art they made, commissioned, used or viewed. We will explore this dynamic interchange as a defining feature of Renaissance art history. Papers might consider the intersections between artists and patrons, artistic centres and peripheries, or the dislocation of works of art from their point of origin as a result of trade, piracy or gift-giving which forged new, unexpected connections. They could also discuss the impact of differing locations on art and artists and the economic, political and cultural factors crucial to the emergence of an artistic centre. We encourage papers covering topics within Europe, across the Mediterranean, and throughout the globe. The papers in this session will celebrate the fundamentally interdisciplinary nature of early modern Art History.