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Poster Session

Veronica Davies
Open University

Dennis Wardleworth
Independent Art Historian

It is proposed that, at the 2009 Conference, there should be a poster session. For those not familiar with the concept of a conference poster session, we would be asking participants to prepare a poster, a combination of textual and visual material, which could be displayed on an allotted area of wall space at the conference venue. These could then be viewed and read by conference delegates, and the authors could make themselves available, at times of their choosing, to discuss the poster content. The poster session will therefore provide delegates with an opportunity to participate in the conference as an author without preparing and presenting a full paper in one of the conventional sessions. It would be possible to present some aspect of your present or past work to potentially all the delegates at the conference.

We are therefore calling for abstracts for the poster session. The poster should address the general theme of the conference, Intersections. We would particularly welcome posters which explored the intersection between art history and art practice. Joint authorship of posters would also be welcomed.