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Irishness and Intertextuality: Re-Reading the Visual in Irish Culture

Fionna Barber
Department of History of Art and Design, Manchester Metropolitan University

Aidan Arrowsmith
Department of English, Manchester Metropolitan University

In recent years there has been an increased critical focus on visual constructions of Irishness. This welcome interrogation of the visual is one that benefits as much from the radical possibilities of new art histories as from critical approaches within the field of Irish studies, although these more usually converge around the literary as the dominant mode of Irish culture. The most productive of these readings within Irish studies actively interrogate the tensions between the national and the postcolonial as a means of positing questions about history, identity and the formation of Irish culture. This session seeks to continue this line of inquiry through inviting papers that apply similar approaches to the construction of the visual. Proposals that seek to position artistic practice in relation to other forms of representation, whether visual or otherwise, are particularly welcome as a means of expanding the critically informed dialogue that has so recently begun.